1. G

    Resitting individual component

    hello guys? I sat in AS Bio exam in May/June session and got C. And I found out my component scores and realized that the score of paper 1 negatively impacted my overall score and lowered it. I asked my teacher if it is possible to retake only individual component which is paper 1, and he said...
  2. Mahrukh130

    Reappearing Olevels

    Hi. Can anybody tell me if theres a deadline for reappearing olevels. Can I reappear my may/june 2016 exams again this year.
  3. loseroftheyear

    Guys I need advise On retakes!!!

    So I did my CIE As level Examinations on summer 2015. I got BBCC. I took a retake for both bio and chem which I got a CC i n winter 2015.The other two subjects were Physics and Maths. I am currently studying A2 and I am taking 4 subjects Phy,maths,bio and chem. I am planning to take six...