university requirements

  1. S

    MBBS/BDS in karachi

    Well simple thing, if anyone has information regarding medical universities in karachi please do leave your contact info so i can perhaps delve into a conversation. I have a few important questions to ask considering how i am not living in Pakistan but rather considering to apply. It will be of...
  2. Emily DB

    Entry Requirements for applying college

    Hi! i want to apply to a university in UK and there are some requirements include A-Levels, IB Diploma. But my school didn't use !B and we dont learn anything even told about A Levels. How i should enter? or maybe how/where i could get A Levels certificates here and an alternate to fulfill the...
  3. D


    So I am in my final year of school . I have given 8 IGCSE subjects which are (A ict, A business , A physics, B ESL, B economics, B maths , C accounting , C chemisty ) . I have 3 As 3 Bs and 2 Cs in those subjects as shown. I have now recently given Maths AS and A2 along with Business AS during...
  4. S


    Hi. I am going to appear for my AL exams in m/j 2016. I want to know what really I can do with SAT exams. Honestly, I don't really know about them much. SAT 1 is maths/critical writing/reading i guess and SAT 2 is subject based sat tests i guess. But i want to know that what should I give in...
  5. kareem22010

    Help needed in igcse and A-level grades for university

    Right now, I am trying to plan for the worst case scenario for my grades . I am currently interested into studying in medical college to pursue my dreams in working in genetic engineering but my university( in egypt) is requiring 8A* in OL AND 1A* in AL for admission and any single subject...