Welcome to the All-New XtremePapers


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Welcome to the All-New XtremePapers.

It was long-overdue but we've finally done it. :)

Some of the features include:
All new integrated design
Much better readability over dark theme
Huge collection of Smileys and Emojis
Mobile and tablet friendly design (no more horizontal scrolling)
News section (will be populated in the next few days)
Supercharged page loading times
MathJax support in forums for better mathematical notations

Planned updates include:
Revised user titles (with custom titles above a threshold)
A completely revised revision section with more subjects
A completely revised papers section with human-friendly file names

We will continue to work on completing this upgrade over the next few weeks.
If you come across any bug, or have a suggestion in mind, please do not hesitate in contacting us (anywhere ;)).
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