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Which school is best for Alevel

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I m currently doing olevel in lahore Pakistan and my cureent school is not that goad , thus i m looking for a good school for alevels. My friends suggested me beacon house liberty one and other friend sugeested lgs 1A1. I m confused which school to join, so texted you guys. Suggest school that is providing good teachers and results. Kindly dont provide info from internet i can find that too. I need personal opinion which you guys think would be good
Disclaimer ; i m not for school that has more festive or is fun for parties rather i m of a person that is looking for a school that provide quality education.
Alevel subjects planning to take ; math, computer,!physic and chemistry

Kindly guys give me your suggestions?
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the choice between Beaconhouse Liberty One and LGS 1A1 should align with your educational and career goals. Visit both schools, gather as much information as you can, and choose the one that feels like the best fit for your academic aspirations and personal preferences. Additionally, discussing your academic plans with your parents or guardians can provide valuable insights and guidance in making this important decision.