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    Meaning of 'within the limits of experimental accuracy'?
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    Mathematics: Post your doubts here!

    1. I like to take the step-by-step approach here. We need to find probability that there are exactly 2 of 8 days \(\text{(}^8C_{2}\text{)}\) on which martin is playing computer games when his friend phones. So there are 2 days when he calls in his gaming time and 6 days when he might call...
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    How can i ace science o level papers?

    Its hard to find a single book to cover all concepts. What is your subject code? I might be able to suggest a few..
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    Whats is (Agreed) after various hadiths and saying of the Prophet (SAW)?

    It seems this is a multi-part question. Can you please post the entire question?
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    There are two unknowns here, starting speed \(u\) and acceleration \(a\). Using \(s=ut+\frac{1}{2}at^2\), we’re given that in 12 seconds from X to Y: \(\qquad 40=12u+\frac{1}{2}12^2a=12u+72a\) and in 18 seconds from X to Z: \(\qquad 80=18u+\frac{1}{2}18^2a=18u+162a\) Multiplying the first...
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    CAIE Resource Guide - 1234_S18_QP_12!?

    M is for March session and as far as I'm aware its exclusive to India only.
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    math problem(URGENT)

    a) Since you have points P and Q, their equation would be in the form \(y=mx+c\) where \(m=\frac{y_{2}-y_{1}}{x_{2}-x_{1}}\) \(m=\frac{5-3}{9-2}=\frac{2}{7}\) Substituting back into \(y=mx+c\) and substituting x and y coordinates from either P or Q should give \(c=\frac{17}{7}\). Thus equation...
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    The formula I used earlier is derived from this under special conditions for elastic collisions. Since velocity is a vector quantity, the signs need to be changed with directions. The pulse sent by transmitter is reflected and returns to the transmitter so it takes it \(6.3\mu s\times2\) to...
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    Since the collision is perfectly elastic, we can use \(v_{1}i+v_{1}f=v_{2}i+v_{2}f\) (You might have a different variant of this formula depending on your board) Substituting in our values, we get \(6+2=0+v_{2}f\) And therefore, \(v_{2}f=8\) Hope this helps!
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    From a velocity-time graph, the acceleration at time t is given by the gradient at time t. This gives the instantaneous acceleration at that time. In this graph, the gradient and hence the acceleration is changing. Note that the gradient at time t = 3s is obtained by drawing a tangent at that...
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    Physics: Post your doubts here!

    Answer a(i) The work per unit of charge required to move a charge from a reference point to a specified point, measured in joules per coulomb or volts. Answer a(ii) \(\text{The electric field}=-\text{ potential gradient}\) It comes from expressing energy changes in two different ways. You can...
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    Islamiyat Model answers and notes!

    From marking scheme 2058/01/M/J/05/Q4: The Qur'an is the first source of law. Its clear teachings are followed without question. Where its teachings are undetailed the Hadith are employed. The Hadith fill out the Qur'an and add teachings where it is silent.
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    Mathematics: Post your doubts here!

    For Further Mathematics, I'd rather watch lectures/videos on YouTube as its mostly Undergraduate Year 1 and 2 Math (from a 4 year degree) and most of the printed resources are just not on par! If you have any questions or need help with anything for Further Mathematics, feel free to ask here and...
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    What!? Why? Just because I was offline for a few years? 😛

    What!? Why? Just because I was offline for a few years? 😛
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    Chemistry Hess’ Law question

    Hi Himani, Welcome to XtremePapers (aka XPRS)! Please post the question in the thread instead of title so we can fully read it.