1. S

    A in English Language 9093 Paper 4 despite less effort?

    Hello friends, I am new over here. Nice to meet you all. I was wondering about skipping one topic from paper 4 as in not practicing one of the 3 questions since we are supposed to answer only 2 question out of the 3. In my case that would be "Language acquisition by children and teenagers"...
  2. S

    AS English in Feb 2017 <less than 10 days left>

    Hey there! Guys please help with AS Level English. My paper is on the 21st and 24th of February'17. Feels like no time left, indeed there's no time. I would be more than grateful if you people can help me, please. Cheers!
  3. R

    English 9093 book

    Aoa. I'm looking for an ebook for english 9093 A level, if anyone has one and would like to share it'd be really appreciated.
  4. C

    English Language 9093 Paper 1 help

    Hi everyone, Hope all of you are doing well. As I am a private candidate and I am self studying for the May exams, I have no teacher to review my English papers. If anyone who's appeared for this exam and has achieved a grade B or higher can help me out by seeing whether my commentary is up to...
  5. Meebles


    Does anyone have the scanned PDFs of some textbooks and revision guides? All and any help is welcome, especially from seniors. :)