1. M

    How was Computer Science 9608 32 May/June 2017? POLL

    Hey guys. I just gave the exam yesterday and it was quite okay Alhamdulillah. What do you think the thresholds will be like?
  2. Rahul_Niraula

    [9608 - Computer Science] Help

    Task 3 of 9808 Pre-release material 2017 May/June With Visual basic Please.
  3. G

    CIE Computer Science 9608 Level A2 - PreRelease May/June 2017 Paper 4

    Does anyone have the solutions to paper 4 of computer science examinations level A2? I can't find them anywhere!
  4. M

    Computer Science: Post your doubts here!

    There wasn't any fixed thread for this subject in the CIE section , therefore I created one so that we can post our questions and I hope others will help to answer them. :)