computer science

  1. ShadyTLC

    Computer Science (2210)

    Are the data size conversions acceptable if we use 1000 instead of 1024 ?
  2. Asad.Babur

    Computer Science 2210: Please Help.

    Hey folks, I'm a private candidate for 2210 this MJ. I need some help. There's always some working space in trace tables/truth tables to fill up while answering the logic gates. I'm good at dry-running circuits with even 3 variables. Do I need to show some working in that space? is that...
  3. %

    0478 Computer Science

    Hello everyone. Computer science is new to my school. I will be in the first group writing it. I don't understand the pre release. I need help please. (2019)
  4. S

    Computer Science May/June 17 - 32

    How did the paper go ? There were good number of repeat questions. Anyone remember the loop question answer ? I wrote Forever = True. Then, repeat until Forever = False
  5. M

    How was Computer Science 9608 32 May/June 2017? POLL

    Hey guys. I just gave the exam yesterday and it was quite okay Alhamdulillah. What do you think the thresholds will be like?
  6. S

    igcse feb march papers

    hi could somebody send me and igcse additional maths (0606), business (0450) and computer science (0478) feb march 2017 papers?? thanks
  7. B

    Computer science 9608 hel

    Guys anyone can explain me about subnetting,nat box practical applications of BCD and all the importamt AS paper 1
  8. agb2000_

    Please post topical past year papers for AS levels.

    Exams will be starting very soon in school and I was hoping that someone could post their topical AS level past year paper questions for physics, chemistry and computer science to revise. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. G

    CIE Computer Science 9608 Level A2 - PreRelease May/June 2017 Paper 4

    Does anyone have the solutions to paper 4 of computer science examinations level A2? I can't find them anywhere!
  10. C

    Any Topical Computer Science Papers?

    Hello. Does anyone have any topical papers for AS computer science? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  11. J

    [Request] Computer Science 9608 Oct/Nov 2016 Paper 2 Pre-release Material (PDF)

    I'm wondering whether anyone has a PDF for the pre-release material of paper 22 (AS level) code 9608, and whether they would be willing to share it. I'm registering as a private candidate and I'm finding it quite hard to obtain a copy myself as I'm not affiliated with any school. Thanks.
  12. M

    Computer Science: Post your doubts here!

    There wasn't any fixed thread for this subject in the CIE section , therefore I created one so that we can post our questions and I hope others will help to answer them. :)