english 9093

  1. P

    A Level guess papers M/J 2018

    Hey guys this is my first post. Post any guess papers/expected questions here. :)
  2. K

    Links to books needed for English Language AS/A-Level (9093)

    Hello, I am doing English Language and I'd very greatly appreciate it if someone could link me to some e-books (PDFs) for AS/A-Level. Preferably something which covers everything from P1 to P4. I am aware of the books by Helen Toner and Mike Gould, but I don't have access to the ebooks of...
  3. I

    Cambridge A level english(9093) help !!

    Hey guys! I just started AS and I have a question about 9093 paper 1. Are we allowed to use quotations in the introductory paragraph? my teacher says you're supposed to, but my text book says otherwise . Could someone please clear this doubt, im confused
  4. R

    English A and AS level Book

    Hello! I'm a private candidate and I'm taking 3 A-levels this October, one of which is English 9093. I've searched the forums and went through most of the notes and websites, but I'm still worried about the English exam. Could somebody, please, email me any ebooks you have? I don't mind if it's...
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    A Level English Language 9093

    Hello, everyone. My English teacher and I have been searching for resources for 9093 for quite a while and were unable to find anything of substance. Could anyone help? Please post links to any resources you have for this syllabus code; we need Paper 3 and 4 (A2) resources.
  6. Meebles


    Does anyone have the scanned PDFs of some textbooks and revision guides? All and any help is welcome, especially from seniors. :)