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  1. Addie Zak

    O Level Islamyat and Pakistan Studies Dr Iftikhar Ul Haq Guess paper 2023

    By dr Iftikhar Ul Haq Expected Topics for May 2023 Islamiyat P1 Q2: Compound question on Theme2; also prepare Themes 1 & 3 Four sources of legal thinking, especially primary sources in relation with Qiyas General reading of “ History of revelation “ Q3/4/5: Qualities of the Prophet Early life...
  2. salmanarchitect

    Share o level History, Geography and Islamiyat guess papers.

    Share o level History, Geography and Islamiyat guess papers of famous teachers so that everyone can benefit. Thanks
  3. olevel_prep

    olevel p.s and isl 23

    how to get A* in p.s and isl and how difficult is it to get it
  4. jeonjaykay


    Hey, since I am now in Alevels there is some stuff regarding O Level's that is unimportant to me . This includes notes,ppt and pdf files, ) OF MIXED SUBJECTS( O2 AND O3) . total waste to discard them, hopefully it will prove helpful!!! MORE UNDER THE COMMENT SECTION
  5. S

    Pakistan Studies Geography Notes/O Levels/IGCSE

    Sources: Benchmark Academy, GCEGuide Compiled by Me A* Guaranteed Notes Essential Maps and Diagrams Included!
  6. M

    are calculators allowed in 2059/02?

    hey pls someone answer if calculators are allowed in geography exam. Thanks
  7. A


    Hello everyone, I hope you're all feeling great. I have compiled links for sites, YT videos, PPTs, etc., in a single file for various IGCSE subjects, despite the fact that it was primarily made for IGCSEs, It can still be used for GCSEs, O-Levels, and exam boards other than C(A)IE, in fact, some...
  8. JesterDragon

    Does anybody have geography topical past papers from recent years?

    All in the title. The most recent I could find is from 2000-12. That's more or less irrelevant. If anyone has newer geography past papers(TOPICAL), I'd really appreciate it if they could send it! Need it for my exams.
  9. Atika Khan

    Which books should I choose for Pakistan Studies 2059 and Islamiyat 2058?

    I have been facing this problem lately in choosing books for Islamiyat and Pakistan Studie (both history and geography). For Islamiyat, I have Ayesha Tariq's Islam in modern perspective, Farkhanda Noor, Yasmin Malik, Mustufa Draper and David Thomas's book, Saqib Muhammad Khan and Dr Habib ur...
  10. M

    What are the CIE O'level World Geography (2217) Textbooks?

    I am taking the subject privately and am confused about which textbook to use for the 2017-2019 syllabus. What books should I use?
  11. Brindley U

    0460 GEOGRAPHY - Links, resources, videos and presentations

    Hey all, I've posted this in the A-level side too, but this also applies to the IGCSE Geography kids! While the November exams are done and dusted, June exams are just around the corner. I'm a CIE Geo teacher. I've spent the last year and a half setting up a resource hub for teachers (and...
  12. Brindley U

    GEOGRAPHY: Notes, Links, videos and other content.

    Hey all, While the November exams are done and dusted, June exams are just around the corner. I'm a CIE Geo teacher. I've spent the last year and a half setting up a resource hub for teachers (and also students) which includes links, videos, presentations and other information about the...
  13. M

    Academies important for Pakistan studies and islamiat?

    Hi. Im in my second year of O-levels which means ill be giving the CIE exams for Pakstudies and Islamiat this year. All my friends are taking tuitions for these two subjects which seems completely unnecessary to my dad, but over time a few questions have been raised in my mind. Everyone is...
  14. M

    Geography Paper II

    What is the most efficient way to find the area of an irregular relief feature on an OS map. Is there a faster and more accurate method than assuming the closest regular shape and finding its area?
  15. S

    What are the toughest IGCSE papers you have done?

    Hi all, I'm practicing past papers for the upcoming Oct/Nov IGCSE papers, I just wanted to know what are the hardest papers you've done for the following subjects: -Maths -English 1st Language -ICT -Literature -Geography -History -Biology -Physics -Chemistry -Business Studies I thank you all in...