Which books should I choose for Pakistan Studies 2059 and Islamiyat 2058?

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I have been facing this problem lately in choosing books for Islamiyat and Pakistan Studie (both history and geography). For Islamiyat, I have Ayesha Tariq's Islam in modern perspective, Farkhanda Noor, Yasmin Malik, Mustufa Draper and David Thomas's book, Saqib Muhammad Khan and Dr Habib ur Rehman's book, mastering O level Islamiyat by Muhammad Bilal Aslam and past papers of Stallion by Muhammad Shoaib in options. Now I don't which books should I choose since so many books will cause problem for myself and I found Mustufa and David's book and Saqib Muhammad Khan and Dr Habib ur Rehman's book more precise than needed, missing major information. Should I use solved past papers or go for unsolved?
In Pakistan Studies, I have Talat Rizvi's topical past papers for geography but still I can't decide between solved or unsolved owing to the fact that they are available in both. I'm only reading Huma naz's book as it contains all required information. In history, I want to know your opinions about Nigel Smith's book and Farooq Bajwa's book. Which one should I use in addition with Nigel Kelly's book?