1. Atika Khan

    Which books should I choose for Pakistan Studies 2059 and Islamiyat 2058?

    I have been facing this problem lately in choosing books for Islamiyat and Pakistan Studie (both history and geography). For Islamiyat, I have Ayesha Tariq's Islam in modern perspective, Farkhanda Noor, Yasmin Malik, Mustufa Draper and David Thomas's book, Saqib Muhammad Khan and Dr Habib ur...
  2. K

    Links to books needed for English Language AS/A-Level (9093)

    Hello, I am doing English Language and I'd very greatly appreciate it if someone could link me to some e-books (PDFs) for AS/A-Level. Preferably something which covers everything from P1 to P4. I am aware of the books by Helen Toner and Mike Gould, but I don't have access to the ebooks of...
  3. R

    English 9093 book

    Aoa. I'm looking for an ebook for english 9093 A level, if anyone has one and would like to share it'd be really appreciated.
  4. A

    Urgently need Edexcel AS level student books

    I have searched it for 3 days on this forum I fount one but it only had 49 pages, Please somebody upload the book or give me a working link. thanks
  5. S

    Edexcel International GCSE and AS/A Level Book collection

    These are all the books I could collect. I will be further updating the list.
  6. S

    Cambridge O Levels Book Collection

    These are all the books I could collect. I will continue updating the list. Hope it helps everyone.
  7. S

    Cambridge IGCSE Book Collection

    These are all the books I could find. I will carry on updating the list. Hope it helps everyone out there.
  8. S

    Cambridge AS and A Level Book Collection

    These are all the books I could collect. I hope it helps everyone out there :'D
  9. B

    O level physics pdf book

    Dear fellow students, Please i am looking for a pdf copy of this book called Cambridge O Level Physics (inc. CD-ROM) by David Sang & g. Jones and Fundamental Physics for Cambridge O Level vy S. Pople Please if anyone has it can they share thank you
  10. R

    English A and AS level Book

    Hello! I'm a private candidate and I'm taking 3 A-levels this October, one of which is English 9093. I've searched the forums and went through most of the notes and websites, but I'm still worried about the English exam. Could somebody, please, email me any ebooks you have? I don't mind if it's...
  11. X


    I'm in dire need of the following books. Tried searching ol (but came up w nothing): Nelson Probability and Statistics 1 for Cambridge Int'l A Level (9781408515624) - 2014 Nelson Pure Mathematics 1 for Cambridge Int'l A Level (9781408515587) - 2014 Nelson Pure Mathematics 2 and 3 for Cambridge...
  12. studyingrobot457

    exam are to be in shape(links for revision notes and stuff)

    asalamualikum wr wb... it had been very long time since i last started a thread, but i am again back for more help. my tips and tricks are somehow specialized for IGCSE and a please don't panic..just peace TIPS: the beginning of the course till the beginning of the revision: the...
  13. Meebles


    Does anyone have the scanned PDFs of some textbooks and revision guides? All and any help is welcome, especially from seniors. :)