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  1. shg670

    What did I do wrong?: Why did Pakistan choose Urdu as it's national language in 1947? (7)

    Assalam Alaikum First of all I am new to xtremepapers so please excuse if I posted this in the wrong place. So, my teacher was taking a test of History Section 1 the other day, and this question came. I was very confident that my 7 Marks answer will be considered good, but my teacher just gave...
  2. TheStride

    Free Online Classes for Pakistan Studies, Business Studies, Economics and English Language.

    We are offering free online classes for the following O level subjects: -Business Studies -Economics -English Language -Pakistan Studies Those who are interested, leave us a message or send us an email at [email protected]
  3. Atika Khan

    Which books should I choose for Pakistan Studies 2059 and Islamiyat 2058?

    I have been facing this problem lately in choosing books for Islamiyat and Pakistan Studie (both history and geography). For Islamiyat, I have Ayesha Tariq's Islam in modern perspective, Farkhanda Noor, Yasmin Malik, Mustufa Draper and David Thomas's book, Saqib Muhammad Khan and Dr Habib ur...
  4. F

    Expected Topics for PST and Islamiyat?

    My teacher expects that either a question from Abubakr(Ra) caliphate will come or a combined Q of all 4 caliphs will come. In PST teacher said that sec 3 is the most important. Pak-China relations,Afghan-Pak and Indo-Pak are expected. That’s all I know please contribute. Thank you
  5. ibrahimfire1009

    Pakistan Studies and Islamiat , M/J session 2018.

    Assalam-u-alaikum first of all. I am appearing in MJ session 2018 for PS and Islamiat. 3 months approx are left. I havent studied anything. When I open the book, I close it feeling bored. What can I do for studying PS and Islamiat without getting bored? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. A

    Urdu, Islamiat,Pakistan Studies, and Uni admission

    Salam. I am a Pakistani national, living in Saudi Arabia, who has not given exams for Urdu, Islamiat, or Pakistan Studies in O levels. Can I get admission in engineering universities of Pakistan, on foreign seats, SAT basis? Will these subjects still be compulsory?
  7. S

    Pakistan Studies 0448 01 2016 History Past Paper urgently Needed!!!!

    A humble request to everyone......... I can't find it anywhere on the internet.
  8. jazy21

    Islamiyat, Pak Studies Guess Papers by Sir Iftikhar Sir Omar Khan

    Can anybody help me on this? I needed guess papers issued by Sir Iftikhar and other popular teachers across Pakistan.
  9. H

    O'Level Examinations (Answer Needed Immediately)

    Hi Everyone! As we all know that we can give the exams of Urdu,Islamiat and Pakistan Studies at the end of the 2nd year of O'level. My question is that 1. if we are not satisfied with our grades in these papers , can we give them again in the third year with the remaining subjects? 2. Suppose...
  10. msohailz14

    Need to know something

    I will be appearing for A2 this may June and then will be applying for universities. But the problem is that I havent cleared my O level Pakistan Studies paper till now. So my question is that, is it possible that I get enrolled, but I assure them that I will clear that paper in a certain time...