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  1. oom111

    yasmin malik islam beliefs and practices book

    i have been trying to find it online but since its banned i cant, but if anyone has its link or pdf then pls share
  2. salmanarchitect

    Share o level History, Geography and Islamiyat guess papers.

    Share o level History, Geography and Islamiyat guess papers of famous teachers so that everyone can benefit. Thanks
  3. mustafakhxz

    Need Help guys!

    Guys I wanted to ask If I get a bad result in my mocks like a C, B, D will it matter in my CIE result or have any impact on it?
  4. joe_mama

    ASK ME ANYTHING | Gave Urdu, Pakistan Studies & Isl CAIE's

    Hi, I just gave my CAIE's for Urdu, Islamiyat, and Pakistan Studies. If you need tips, have any doubts, questions, or anything you want to know, feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to reply as fast as possible :) My results are expected to be released in August so IA they will be good. I'm...
  5. U


    Hi, I was looking at papers, and saw they say to chose any two surahs and then explain there teaching and importance. Does that mean I would need to explain the teaching of two surah to get 4 marks in Q1 (a) or do I only need to explain 1 surah. Please help me out, quarantine is making me go...
  6. Atika Khan

    Which books should I choose for Pakistan Studies 2059 and Islamiyat 2058?

    I have been facing this problem lately in choosing books for Islamiyat and Pakistan Studie (both history and geography). For Islamiyat, I have Ayesha Tariq's Islam in modern perspective, Farkhanda Noor, Yasmin Malik, Mustufa Draper and David Thomas's book, Saqib Muhammad Khan and Dr Habib ur...
  7. F

    Expected Topics for PST and Islamiyat?

    My teacher expects that either a question from Abubakr(Ra) caliphate will come or a combined Q of all 4 caliphs will come. In PST teacher said that sec 3 is the most important. Pak-China relations,Afghan-Pak and Indo-Pak are expected. That’s all I know please contribute. Thank you
  8. B


    both the documents below are same...one is a word document and the other is in pdf format
  9. krishnapatelzz

    All A-levels resources !!!!! everything that u need before exams

    watch the video how u get all resources for freee {video is loading below }
  10. M. Beissaam

    How was the Paper 2 exam for islamiyat?

    Comment too, share your opinions...
  11. M. Beissaam

    Official thread IGCSE Islamiyat 0493

    How was the exam guys? I found this exam pretty easy and awesome. What do you say? need opinions.
  12. L

    Islamiyat 2058 URGENT HELP!!!!

    Hello , i have registered for islamiyat very recently and i wasnt planning on taking it , however i had to due to some issues with the university . i am urgent need of any help ( notes , books ,tips ) ANYTHING If you want , you can email me on [email protected]
  13. M. Beissaam

    Discussions Islamiyat 0493 Oct/Nov 2017, English As A Second Language 0510

    Anything to discuss or ask?
  14. jazy21

    Islamiyat, Pak Studies Guess Papers by Sir Iftikhar Sir Omar Khan

    Can anybody help me on this? I needed guess papers issued by Sir Iftikhar and other popular teachers across Pakistan.