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    Help pls :(

    Will I get the 8 subject certificate if i choose pure science (Phys , Chm and Bio) + Combined Science i am currently taking physics , chemistry , bio , maths , EM , english , ICT If i take combined science will i get 8 sub certificate...
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    Help needed!!

    I'm giving pak studies in may june 2018 and i am terribly prepared for it! I need some help in knowing the less important stuff in both history and geography so that at least I can get the important one done in time. so... is it absolutely necassary to learn the first chapter of history? the one...
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    for the balance sheet do i have to write loan from people as well as the bank or just from the bank??? in the current or non current liabilities Thnx Emaan
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    Grade thresholds

    Anyone know when grade thresholds for october november 2015 igcse be released? Is it after the exams or before??????