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    am i wrecking my future? (PLEASE read and help)

    So I had sciences + addmath in Olevels and overall grade was 7A's I kept sciences and maths in Alevels and my As result is horrible (C's D's) due to a personal family emergency. SAT will be given in oct but I am pretty good at it so i'll expect like 1850+ i'A my question is Im confused...
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    Are these grades alright for universities like LUMS?

    Hello :) I got 5A*s (one distinction), 2 As and a B in my IGCSEs, and AAAB in my AS exams. I'm giving my SAT I in October. I've heard that they accept people with 1800+ but one should aim for 2000+, is that correct? Also, when should I begin writing my personal statement and obtaining teacher...