1. M. Beissaam

    How was the Paper 2 exam for islamiyat?

    Comment too, share your opinions...
  2. escapist

    Prospective Alevels OCT/NOV 2017 candidates contact

    I am a prospective candidate for A levels OCT/NOV 2017 session I need help regarding subject selection and preparation since I will be preparing from scratch I will be resuming after a gap year and will be focusing on self-study Zero Coaching hence please help select from the following subjects...
  3. Shin lol

    General paper help

    i am doing the general paper in oct/nov for better grade i want atleast a C but dont know how to get it.
  4. Reem15


    Hey everyone ... this is for oct session ... I'm going to take this session Computer science Business Studies ESL 0510 And Biology Can you share and tell me is someone out there like me .?
  5. H

    Economics (9708) Paper 21 or Maths 9709 Paper 12 OCTOBER 15

    Hiiii people! Who else is sitting for the Economics (9708) paper 21 or Mathematics 9709 Paper 12 :p:sick::sick:. I am scareddd doe. Maybe we could discuss!!