1. B

    O/N 2018 Biology Pastpapers available

    Hello all, ON 2018 5090 biology pastpapers will be available from the site below on 1st november 2018. In the mean time enjoy the resources I have uploaded to the site, including some papers of i created myself to test your understanding. Dont forget to leave a comment and a like on the site...
  2. ShadyTLC

    Computer Science (2210)

    Are the data size conversions acceptable if we use 1000 instead of 1024 ?
  3. E

    Anybody has the O/N 2016 papers?

    Hey viewers, I'm desperately searching for the IGCSE O/N 2016 past papers for the following subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and ICT. If anyone has some or all of the mentioned papers, please be generous to share them with me. Peace (y)
  4. A


    Anyone remember the question of last question? It is something do with potato, rice and pasta. And also I can't remember what the question for 5 days one it is something that do with he wants to eat 2 rices, 2 potatoes , and 1 pasta. Please tell me the question if somebody still remember. Thank you
  5. thelearnersroom

    2016 October/November Math Crash Course

    P1 and S1/M1 Crash Course/Boot camp starting on 18-09-16 to 20-10-16 1. In depth discussion of solutions of topical questions after every topic covered. 2. Solving Past papers with variants and challenging questions. 2. Engaging classroom environment and indivudual attention. 3. In detail...
  6. Rizwan Javed

    October/November 2015 Past Papers are finally here!

    Hello guys, I know most of the people are looking for October/November 2015 Past Papers. So here are the past papers for O, A & IGCSE Levels for some subjects. If any subject you want is missing please do inform me. :) Also inform me, if there's some paper missing. :) So here you go: A...