1. A

    Help!!..i am going to give Olevel sociology

    Hi people....i am gonna have to give the paper now....have not studied it before.... i have 5 other subjects eng, math, bio, physics, chemistry. what can i do to complete the syllabus in time and get an A*. i really need help i am panicked. please help me out here.:sick:
  2. Shin lol

    A level Pure math ( Paper 2 ) solved papers.

    Hey Guys and Girls, i am here again because i really need your help Where can i find pure math (Paper 2) solved papers like we get for p1 and p3 It would really be helpful if i get the solved P2 past paper Thank youo_Oo_Oo_O:D:D:D
  3. N

    Biology new chapter

    Guys there is a new chapter named 'biotechnology and genetic engineering' . What type of question have you seen in past papers? what can be expected. [this is for june 2016 btw]