1. R

    need some good websites for revision

    hi can any of you recommend me some good websites for alevel cie? i need worked solutions for maths(9709) physics (9702) and biology and chemistry. it would be great if you could provide some files too.a compilation of pastpapers maybe?
  2. T

    [UPDATE]Revision Notes Downloader

    Anybody interested in me creating a free program (opensourced) to download notes for the subjects i did These notes i will provide and i will accept submissions CIE Physics AS and A 9702 Maths AS and A 9709 Accounting AS 9706 Computer science igcse ,as ,a All sources will be listed and...
  3. M

    Chem Factsheets

    Does anyone have the full Chem Factsheets?
  4. I

    IGCSE Help Available

    Very recently, I have created a youtube channel to help out IGCSE students! I'm currently working on World History (0470), and if you'd like me to teach another specific topic, please let me know! You can find the channel callled "IGCSE Teacher" Thank you!
  5. R


    Hey guys, I hope anyone would answer me. I was wondering if anyone could give me some revision tips and tricks and some methods and i will appriciate it! Thanks :)
  6. studyingrobot457

    OCT/NOV 2017 :discussion and doubts [Official thread]

    I am not doing IGCSE in oct/nov, but I am making this thread for discussion doubts predicted questions and after exam discussion feel free to post your queries and feelings here Peace
  7. S


    I would recommend this to everyone who is appearing for physics 0625 examination. Please go through this before sitting in the examination. It will surely help you a lot. ~Shahid
  8. Shin lol

    A level revision Help.

    Hey i'm doing A level pure math 3 and statistics 2 ,physics ,Chemistry as and a level and AICT a level Paper 32. Please help me here by sharing your notes and links as soon as possible. Thanks
  9. M

    Chemistry GCSE Revision Website

    Hi everyone, I recently launched a chemistry revision website called I decided to make it after revising for my GCSEs and becoming frustrated at the lack of quality free revision resources. The site is as concise as possible while still providing enough detail to get an...
  10. Shin lol

    Help Aict notes for A and as level

    Please guys needs notes for a and as level due to i am doing my as level aict in oct/nov for better grades please share your notes......
  11. Shin lol

    A level AICT ebook download

    I am not able to get the aict ebook and physics 2nd edition Please comment the link to book Will be very useful for me......................
  12. M

    Edexcel IGCSE ICT app

    Not sure how many people are studying Edexcel IGCSE ICT app but found this great app to read on the go which seems to have been made according to the specification.
  13. Akshajistari

    MAY JUNE 2016

    Hi all! Just thought we should have a thread of ours like this too :)
  14. R


    Hello guys I found this great igcse accounting tutorial online and I thought you'd like to watch it if you're preparing for your exams. I think o level principle of accounts students might like it too. IGCSE Accounts: