sat exam

  1. F

    Preparing for the SAT - A guide for 1500-1590 Here's a guide that I've written from the help of many people who have scored in the 1500-1590 range in the New SAT! Scroll to the end for a link to most of these books and resources!
  2. Mahwish Khalid

    New Re-designed SAT-I eBooks (Barron's, Kaplan, Princeton), PDFs, Resources needed!

    I would be really thankful if someone would share or upload eBooks/PDFs for the New SAT (preferably Barron's, Princeton, or Kaplan) and some helpful resources, websites, notes, and etc as well. Thank you! :)
  3. F

    SAT I results

    The SAT results are in one day! What are your expected scores?