1. Shin lol

    All websites that are helpful for As and a levels

    search using keywords as i havent sorted them :P
  2. Shin lol

    Whatsapp group For OCT/NOV

    Please drop your numbers below if you want to join.:D:D:D:D
  3. A

    I need your suggestions .

    I did 'O' LEVEL i got `c` in maths , `d` in Accounting , `F` in business , `F` in English and `A` in kiswahili language That was in 2014 . In 2015 i did AS level Accounting, business and economics i got U U E , on october/nov i reset business and Accounts and i couldn't do good U U again ...
  4. Shin lol

    General paper help

    i am doing the general paper in oct/nov for better grade i want atleast a C but dont know how to get it.
  5. Shin lol

    Help Aict notes for A and as level

    Please guys needs notes for a and as level due to i am doing my as level aict in oct/nov for better grades please share your notes......
  6. Akshajistari

    Study Tips

    Hello all! I have been part of the Xtremepapers community since 2012... you have all been a great inspiration for me! I always wondered how all of you study, and how you organise your time and don't get distracted. This question is specifically directed to My Name :) Regards Akshajistari