1. Emily DB

    Entry Requirements for applying college

    Hi! i want to apply to a university in UK and there are some requirements include A-Levels, IB Diploma. But my school didn't use !B and we dont learn anything even told about A Levels. How i should enter? or maybe how/where i could get A Levels certificates here and an alternate to fulfill the...
  2. D


    So I am in my final year of school . I have given 8 IGCSE subjects which are (A ict, A business , A physics, B ESL, B economics, B maths , C accounting , C chemisty ) . I have 3 As 3 Bs and 2 Cs in those subjects as shown. I have now recently given Maths AS and A2 along with Business AS during...
  3. Asadullah Khosa

    LSE Test 2016

    Guys... I really need to know is the LSE test going to be SAT based or like are there going to be specific questions or what? I'm freaking out man..... My test is on 3rd of july. I've given SAT so I really need to know if it'll work out or not.
  4. msohailz14

    Need to know something

    I will be appearing for A2 this may June and then will be applying for universities. But the problem is that I havent cleared my O level Pakistan Studies paper till now. So my question is that, is it possible that I get enrolled, but I assure them that I will clear that paper in a certain time...
  5. D

    Where Should I Consider Applying with these scores -Medical

    So i have an 88.77 equivalency olevels. I expect my final equivalency of aleve+olevel to to be around 87%. I heard that MCAT is very tough for a level students. Any tips for me for entry test? and what unis should i consider? when should i start preparing for the entry test? Most people...
  6. A

    Is getting only 7 A *'s a problem in O Level

    Here's the problem: my cousin has 7 A *s in O Level and is predicted to get 4 A *s in A Level. I wanted to try to obtain some insight into this, which is why I came here. He only took 7 subjects and got A*s in all of them. Someone told him that having 7 A*s in O Level isn't enough for the Ivy...