1. M

    Need key book/solution book for Pure Mathematics.

    Please i need keybook/solution book of Pure mathematics urgently ..kindly if anyone have pdf of it please shar or kindly share cam scan picture of book .
  2. J

    Private Candidate

    Hey guys. So I was hoping to take A level exams for Physics and Mathematics(Basic)? Is that possible to privately register for that exam? Also, can somebody explain it to me how many papers would I be appearing. I cant seem to understand the pattern for that. I checked out some past papers and...
  3. D

    OCR 2017 june papers needed urgent

    It's said that papers will be out in early may and it's almost end of April but i don't think anywhere papers are released for 2017 june so if anyone has them please do provide me ...
  4. L

    Islamiyat 2058 URGENT HELP!!!!

    Hello , i have registered for islamiyat very recently and i wasnt planning on taking it , however i had to due to some issues with the university . i am urgent need of any help ( notes , books ,tips ) ANYTHING If you want , you can email me on [email protected]
  5. A

    exemption of compulsory subjects for dual national in o levels

    are pakstudies urdu and islamiat exempted for dual nationals taking o level exams in pakistan
  6. Shin lol

    Guys Anyone got the source files of AICT P2 or P4?

    If yes Private message me and i have a group and around 30 people in the group so we can work on it if we get the files.
  7. Shin lol

    A level Pure math ( Paper 2 ) solved papers.

    Hey Guys and Girls, i am here again because i really need your help Where can i find pure math (Paper 2) solved papers like we get for p1 and p3 It would really be helpful if i get the solved P2 past paper Thank youo_Oo_Oo_O:D:D:D
  8. S

    Grade thresholds Feb/March 2016 Please Help

    Any idea how the grade thresholds are going to be for the Feb March 2016 examinations? Will they be lower than Feb March 2015? Reply or let me know your opinion in the poll. Pls help.