1. kity way

    notes for vectors for extended maths 0580?

    does anyone have any notes for vectors, but not for additional maths, im looking for extended thnx
  2. Chris Mann

    IGCSE Extended Maths (0580) - Vectors Question

    Hi all, When handwriting vectors, students should write a squiggle underneath the letter to indicate that it's a vector. In examinations, is it marked incorrect if students do not write the squiggle underneath and they only write the letter? Thanks, Chris
  3. M

    Maths P3 !!!Need help in finding perpendicular distance between point and line!!!

    Can someone please help me with vectors. For some reason, whenever I do any of the maths involving finding the distance between a point and a line, the answers never match. Can someone give me a tip on how to solve this type of problems. When I solve it I find the unit vector in the direction...