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Abstaining from Technological Slavery

Abstaining from Technological Slavery

Technology, undoubtedly does wonders and isn’t by any means harmful all by itself. It’s the conduct of the users which adheres labels to technology. If used in a constructive way it provides benefits through numerous ways. Nevertheless, our incautious conduct may bring about unpleasant results. The incautious conduct does not only refer to the malicious activities online rather another substantial factor stated below.


Technological slavery:
It is an informal term used to describe the dominance of technology in our daily lives to the extent where it draws our humongous reliance. This form of reliance exceeds certain limitations which shall not by any cause get violated. The term technology is quite a broader one. It has various subgroups of different kinds and forms. Here we are typically referring to a few.

Question) How to know if you are a victim?

Answer) Simple, your morbid fascination with extreme screen time, the tempting applications which draw your attention towards them, unnecessarily continuing the use of gadgets when you’re overwhelmingly tired and the most significant instance is when you start sacrificing your sleep are all the signs.

Note: It’s all black and white with no gray areas. Using technology for your daily work, studies and even for fun is all fair. You just need to put a halt and set boundaries whithersoever your own health is at the risk.

The average time spent by people on social media has been increased as shown by the statistics. Is it really concerning or is it perhaps beneficial?


Methods of staying away:
Point out the problem before looking for the solutions. Find out the reason. Is it an application, a website, a game or just running away from reality. Once the problem has been marked, try to limit its use gradually, bit by bit until it you've got it under your control. Certain methods which are applicable for a wide range of instances have been listed below. However, it's all up to you, the way you would want to overcome this habit.

Dopamine Fasting:
  • It is a quite trendy practice these days. To provide an overview, primitively it is a period of time when one stays completely away from technology and focuses on oneself. It might extend to deprivation of social interaction. However it is not a bite size chunk to observe this practice. The reason is that most people have their businesses, daily activities running on technology.
Do observe it if you can but something relatively easy is avoiding the unnecessary use of it. You can try the following things.

TIP: Do not look for abrupt solutions but do start practicing the solutions abruptly.

Look For Your Hobbies
  • Where the reality stands, our most hobbies are linked to social media. Try to find out alternatives. Painting, book reading, sports. Apart from these conventional methods, go outside and calm your nerves down in the fresh air.
Find The Right Company

  • Surround yourself with positive people. Alternatively gather support from friends and family. More so, persuade them to join you in your practice. Engage in informal discourses.​

Change in the Environment
  • Try to travel if you can but this time by posting less on social media and by capturing the scenes in your mind. Changing the environment for a bit does help.

Surround yourself With Nature
  • When engaging into activities, try to surround yourself by natural environments. In fact, keep a room for the nature to slide in. Gardening can be a good practice. If that sounds a difficult thing, just try to water the plants.

Remember, technology is for you to use for your benefits in true means. Do not let technology get you chained.
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