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CAIE Resource Guide - 1234_S18_QP_12!?

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So you don't understand how to find past papers, marking schemes etc for your subject?
Don't worry. Its actually pretty straightforward.

Lets take this crazy looking filename for e.g.: 9709_S18_QP_12!?

9709: This is the subject code for e.g. 0610 is IGCSE Biology, 5090 is for O-Level Biology and 9709 would be A Level Mathematics. Check this with your school if you don't know your subject code (or search online ;) ).

S18: This defines the session. 'S' stands for summer i.e. May/June session and 'W' would be winter i.e. Oct/Nov session. The latter number is the year of session.

QP: This would be the resource type.
QP - Question paper​
MS - Marking scheme​
IN - Insert​
SY- Syllabus​
ER - Examiners report​
GT - Grade threshold​
SP - Specimen paper​

12: This is the paper number for e.g.:
1 - Paper 1 (duh!)​
2 - Paper 2​
11 - Paper 1 Variant 1​
12 - Paper 1 Variant 2​
23 - Paper 2 Variant 3​
32 - Paper 3 Variant 2​

So, to sum up, 9709_S18_QP_12 would be A Level Mathematics (9709) May/June 2018 Question Paper Paper 1 Variant 2.

Now lets move onto variants.

Variants are mostly identical papers with slight variations (numerical values etc). This is done to prevent papers leaking online when students from two countries with a significant time difference appear for the same paper.

When revising from past papers, you can just go with any variant of a paper since they are mostly identical (or just do all of them :sneaky:).

Happy paper solving and good luck with your exams! (y)
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