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can anyone attach a guess paper for 2022

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By dr Iftikhar Ul Haq

Expected Topics for May 2023
Islamiyat P1
Q2: Compound question on Theme2; also prepare Themes 1 & 3
Four sources of legal thinking, especially primary sources in relation with Qiyas
General reading of “ History of revelation “
Qualities of the Prophet
Early life
Migration to Abyssinia
Night journey of Isra & Ma’raj
Pledges of al-Aqaba
Treaty of Hudaibiya
Last year of the Prophet’s life
Scribes: collectively their work
Rolls of 1st four of the 10 Blessed Companions, especially Hazrat : Umar & Uthman during the life Prophet’s life
Hazrat: Ja’far, Salman Farsi, Zayd bin Haritha, Fatimah

All 3 stages of Hadith compilation: during the life of the Prophet and his Companions
Age of Taba’een
Age of Taba’ Taba’een
Types of Hadith
How are Hadith used for legal thinking ( if a question on legal thinking is not set in P1)
Caliph Abu Bakr and Uthman
Kharijites and arbitration during Hazrat Ali’s caliphate
Shahada, Fast , Zakat: observance and benefits
Benefits of Salat: general reading
Belief in prophets and books
Benefits of Tawhid
[11:56 am, 17/04/2023] +92 313 7298166: Expected Topics For May 2023
Pakistan Studies
Section A/ Q1 expected from Section 1 of History
Section 1
Mughal decline
British attracted to India, may be a 10 marks question ,eg:
Was Indian wealth the most important reason for British being attracted to India during 17th century?(10)
Indian resistance against the British
British reforms,1750-1850
General reading of “ British expansion “1750-1850
3 reformers: SWU, SASB, HSU( general reading)

Section 2
Partition of Bengal
Failure of Khilafat movement
Role of Iqbal and Ch Rehmat in the development of the Pakistan movement
1935 Act; 1937 elections
Congress rule, 1937-1939
General reading of 1940-57

Section 3
Early problems
General reading of 3 Governor Generals,1948-1958
Separation of E.Pakistan
Zia ul Haq
Nawaz Sharif, especially 1990-1993
Constitution making ,1947-1973
Relation with:
USA, China, India, Afghanistan

Geo: last 6 chapters
General reading of mining and fishing
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Does anyone have the guess paper for isl or pak studies 2024 if u do pls upload ILL BE VRY THANKFUL PLEASE