English tips for MJ19

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English Language 1123 quick tips for CAIE M/J19
As three months are left, reading books is mostly out the question
• Always start the directed writing with the given instructions. Revise the formats before appearing for exam
• Before the exam, identify common topics in areas of technology, environment, family issues and sports for example, and make mind maps using what you know about the topics.
• Write 3 – 5 paragraphs in your letter/report/speech/article/account.
• Write a proper beginning and ending sentence.
• The word limit is 200 – 300 words. You should write around 250 words at least. Do not exceed word limit more than 10 words
• Use formal language in all directed writing tasks, except Informal letter.
• Always plan your response before you start writing. You can divide the examination time in the following way:
• 1. Planning your response: 3/4 minutes.
• 2. Writing : 22 – 24 minutes.
• 3. Editing: 3 – 4 minutes
• For Section 2, chose your topic carefully that you thoroughly believe that you can build a story on it
• 1. Planning your response: 7/8 minutes.
• 2. Writing: 45 minutes.
• 3. Editing: 5 – 6 minutes.
• Do not pick argumentative essay as the examiner often thinks you have left something out in your arguments
• Stories should have an engaging opening, with an intriguing middle to sustain readers’ interest and a logical ending to bring a proper resolution to the plot.
• Use similes, metaphors and effective descriptive words to create verbal pictures in a descriptive essay.
• Keep your stories believable and realistic. Use flashback, dialogues and description of setting to make your narrative composition engaging for the reader.
• Take real care of how you use grammar
• Avoid copying plots from movies and/or tv series which you have watched
• Only use complex vocabulary if you truly know the meaning of it
• Recheck the paper after completing it to look for grammar mistakes
• Descriptive words list https://www.huffingtonpost.com/marjorie-hansen-shaevitz/150-great-words-and-phras_b_2746301.html
• Idioms https://www.smart-words.org/quotes-sayings/idioms-meaning.html
• Mention word count after both tasks

Reading for Ideas
• Scan the text for bullet points after reading twice
• The points should be balanced on both sides.
• You do not need to write in your own words
• Avoid repeating points
• In the summary, you have to write between 150-180 words. You have to use your own words and write at least 5-6 connectives https://msu.edu/~jdowell/135/transw.html
• List the word count in the end
• For opinion questions, read the paragraph twice to find it
Reading for meaning
• Read the passage once only to get the general idea of the main topic/theme.
• Read every question twice to identify its type and then locate the answer in the relevant paragraph.
• ‘Answer in your own words’ questions are to be very carefully dealt with. Find two key words in the text which are the exact answer of the question. Replace the key words with the correct synonyms and write your answer in a complete sentence.
• Meaning and effect questions should be dealt very carefully. You have to write its literal meaning and the effect it creates
• MCQS at the end can be very tricky. Again read the word again and again to see how they have used it
• Recheck
• Practice past papersEnglish Language
• In P2, you can score full marks but in P1, it’s impossible so practice Eng p1 on the weekends. Attempting at least two pps of both