Feedback on universities by their own fresh graduates - for Juniors

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Every year, so many people seek guidance about universities and there still is no place with satisfactory answers.
Despite being quite active at educational forums, I recently realized that the info is decentralized, why not have it at one place? If I do it alone, it won't be much credible, so why not assemble a team of fresh graduates to help me out?
I then worked really hard and reached out to a lot of people and as a result, we give to you, The Youth Disrupt.

Goal of this project is to share honest feedback voluntarily, in order to help the juniors in making a well-informed decision. The first batch of TYD series is recorded by fresh graduates of top CS universities. If the response is good, I want to expand it further to Engineering, Business etc. Alongside, I have also made a few helpful guides about O/A Level equivalence and AL subject selection.

I believe this idea has a LOT of potential to help so many confused minds out there. All the feedback videos are honest and answer all the FAQs about universities.

Please like,subscribe,and share the channel around. If you know anyone who runs a page or has a lot of followers, request them to share this.
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