How to score an A* in History and Islamiyat in O levels

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I have some tips which hardly no one would share with you or for olevel students who are not familiar with the tips.
Remember that you should take interest in these subjects because preparing for the following subjects is short term but your grade will remain with you forever!
This topics are interesting and not bad but here are some tips that can help you score an A*
so i dont know why someone would say reading book is not important IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! your source based questions and your 4 marks questions come from the book so when are you reading please pay attention for example there can be questions like what is proda/ operation search light/ pitts act/ gandhi educational reforms which may trick you but not if you pay attention to the book. Past papers are important and if you don't understand a topic read from past papers they help you on how you could develop your answers, your four marks require general detail of 100 words, your seven marks requires facts and elaboration and should be 200 words additionally your fourteen marks answer should be attempted like an essay of 300 words. You don't have to wrote learn something but if you struggle with remembering years maybe make a timeline and last minute notes to fo through before exams
Do you require academy? No academies have alot of students and they cost alot and are not effective so whats the point of wasting money and time when you can prepare yourself. Solve questions or pastpapers share with your teacher lr someone experienced who can guide you how you can further improve.
Islamiyat: now trust me islamiyat for me is an easy subject but if you struggle i would like to share some tips with you
1. Yes read book not one but two, dont wrote learn/ rattafy? But enjoy it and read it like a story don't take it as a pressure we all remember story or novels we read write.
2. Focus on your four marks question my teacher told me four marks are analysis and if you score 4/4 congratulations you will definitely score an A* if you struggle with them read the question again and again and relate it with the event
3. Now Islamiyat dosent have a long syllabus and is divided into two papers memorizing verses and relating to questions is important maybe make yourself a booklet or something or search on google there are hadith and quranic verses related to topic
4. Quran and hadith translation are easy don't panic! Read translation and write! Just memorize three most important things 1. Madni or Maki of surah 3. Allah in himself/mankind/messenger and when it comes to B part think of the effect in your life and remember examples for example: how prophet was honest in trade dealings etc.
Hadith comparatively are easy because you don't have to memorize if it's maki and madni
4. Past papers help go through your 2015/16/17 past paper of all three subjects trust me if you are 2020 candidate there is a chance they repeat

You all wanna know this tip specially for 2020 candidates of pak studies wheather you appear in M/J. Or O/N:
High chance of source based coming from section three from ayub khan or zulfiqar ali bhutto, master your language chapter

I Wish best of luck to everyone