Need some tips on Pak Studies History CIE O Level answer writing

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I am so confused. Like I do get the thing on points. Like how they mark the paper but my teacher said that its best to write around 15 lines for a 4 marks question, around 22-24 lines for a 7 mark question and around 50 lines for 14 mark question while the on a video of Olevelacademy they say the following:
8 lines each for 10 word for 4 mark
14 lines each 10 words for 7 mark
22-24 lines each 10 words for 14 mark.
So is this format correct

Listen, I am discussing about how long the answer should be, not how many points it should have.

I want some information from those who have given and achieved good grades pls 😅

Also, the identification of the event and providing the dates, are they considered one point?