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Pak Studies Help ( Foreign Affairs )

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I am appearing for cies this year. (2024)

I am very confused about the foreign affair part. My teacher said that we have to only write in 4 para ( as per the new format). She said you could group minor reason but we only have to pick the best 4 reasons (successes and faliures). But if i do that the content is very less. Now i am grouping them by time line instead. That in 1 para i would write that from that period to that it was success and if the period is long i divide it into 2 para. Also should i just the list the event or explain them. I am simply using relations peaked/reached low point/strained/improved etc when such and such happened. And do we have to write successes and faliures seprately. Can they be in 1 para or can we put them in between if it fits the timeline.

And for the evaluation what 2 reasons should i write. For the ussr i wrote: Since pakistan mainly allied with russia's rival, the us , relationship remined tensed. Moreover since it alwared prefered to ally with india instead of pakistan, relations remained strained. Some times i also write a successful reason and a faliure in the judgement.

Also if you have any relevant evidence or statement by cambridge on this, do tell me. Also what is the bajwa book. Never heard of it. Does anybody have ebook