Preparing for admission into AKU's MBBS program - A Guide I Wrote As A Successful Candidate

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Salam/greetings everyone!!

I owe it to this forum. This played a huge role in getting the 3 A*s I did in A Level and 7 A*s in O Level. My eventual aim was to get into Aga Khan University (AKU) for my Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and I did. I understand how valuable online resources such as this forum. I relied on the help provided by previous students and seniors who made blog posts, wrote articles, posted on forums like this, about the entry test, interview, etc. Thus, I feel that I must do my part in keeping this senior to junior guidance alive. To fulfill that task, I've written a 14,000 word long booklet detailing my experience with the entry test, interview, applying for the admission, how I believe the candidates are selected, and so on. Here is the link. I've uploaded it on Google Drive because it will be easier for me to update it in case I come across errors in spelling etc. that I wish to amend. Feel free to download it and spread it to all juniors/siblings/friends who aim to get into AKU:

Preparing for admission into AKU’s MBBS program:

Please keep this thread alive and share it with everyone who you deem will be in need of this guide.

I will now not be as active as I was but will IA visit from time to time to share this with people who will need it when the admission cycles begin.

I also wrote other articles including one on SAT 2 prep, advice for O level students intending to become doctors, and so on, all linked at the end of this guide. Do check them out too.

I hope nothing but good comes out of it and anyone who reads this finds it useful! :D
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Thanks for the thorough guide, I am planning to Insha ALLAH apply for AKU for the next enrollments, but I had a question. Does anyone know what is the requirements (aside from the SAT II which I am giving) for students with GED?