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We are hiring!

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We are rebuilding our Revision section and are looking forward to hiring people who can provide us with high quality revision notes for O Level and A Level subjects.

If you have given exams for that subject, whether recently or in the past few years, are a teacher or otherwise have a good grasp on the syllabus and its concepts then you may apply.

> Make sure to include the subject(s) you want to apply for,
> Add a little bit about yourself including your name, age, current education/job level, country and your past grades for O/A Levels,
> Let us know how you will be making the notes. They can be your own or based on a professional institution; perhaps a tuition center or your school but they can't be entirely copied from them,
> Also mention the format you will be able to provide them in including pictures, diagrams etc. We can accept camera pictures of handwritten notes but for diagrams, pictures, graphs etc where needed, these will need to be in high quality though digitally formatted notes are preferred.

You will be paid depending on the subject, level and the length of the syllabus which will be agreed before we hire you.

If you think you have what it takes, start a private conversation with me by clicking here.

Good luck! (y)
Not open for further replies.