YouTube Channel - A level Mathematics

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Greetings to all members,

As we were getting a lot of requests to start our YouTube channel, our academy is finally planning to start one related to A level maths for now. I request you all to feel up the form linked below which will really help us know the actual need of a YouTube channel. Feel free to suggest us ideas on videos you will like to see on our channel (It cannot include videos of chapters or topics, it should be something new which is not readily available to all of A level students).

Please share this as much as you can to everyone who is about to appear or preparing for AL mathematics (Any boards are allowed like CAIE, IB, Edexcel, Zimsec, AQA and many more). We will start our channel right away if we got the response of at least 100 students.

Link to the form:

Thank You.

Best wishes,
Rohan (Lemniscates Academy)