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  • continuing from previous message...

    3. Is there any list of experiments we are required to practice to get prepared for exam?
    4. If not, how do you know which experiments you have to do?
    5. Which lab do you use? school/college lab, or some private lab?
    Plz help me guide the practicals of Biology and Chemistry
    I need A-Z guide on carrying out experiments in the above two subjects.

    Allah will be pleased if you really help me answering my questions:

    1. What are the experiments and which are experiments required to do in A level chemistry and bio preparation?
    2. Is there any specific book which guides through all the practicals?
    Thank you for chemistry p5 notes. They are of great help. May Allah SWT bless you. :)
    Thank you for posting the chem paper 5 tips, they were very helpful :)
    do you by any chance have tips for biology paper 5?
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