a levels

  1. J

    CIE A Level chapterwise qp/ms

    Help me out asap pls
  2. D

    Grades good enough for UK

    Hello. I have received 3Cs and 3Ds in IGCSE and 2Ds in AS level. With the blessing of Allah, I may get 2Ds in A level as well if I'm lucky. Are these grades good enough to go to university in UK? I am among the smartest kids in my class.
  3. marishashukla


    Does anyone have topical questions for pure math 3 and mechanics 1 with the solutions?
  4. good man12

    Attesting Distinction?

    Can we have our A Level Destinction Attested by British Council just like they do with our Certificates?
  5. krishnapatelzz

    All A-levels resources !!!!! everything that u need before exams

    watch the video how u get all resources for freee {video is loading below }
  6. catnip

    For those stuck in MCAT repetition loophole

    This post is for those who cant get in government medical colleges and want to go to private med colleges , for those who cant afford private med colleges and for the undecided ones. 1. Those who did O levels and A levels: .If your equivalence for both is 90 or above, no worries. If you were a...
  7. M

    A level urdu 9686 p4 help.. which book?

    hey guys, I am appearing for Urdu 9686 in july and I am a little confused regarding p4. i have two books one is a urdu adab textbook(blue one) by fasiha asif and a book by syed Nadim jaffer named A level urdu nisaab. i am confused as i don't know which book to take to the exam hall?! the book...
  8. R

    English 9093 book

    Aoa. I'm looking for an ebook for english 9093 A level, if anyone has one and would like to share it'd be really appreciated.
  9. Ch.Walid

    Edexcel A Levels Resource centre

    As salam mu alikum, This is Walid. Well, I have completed my A Levels with Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Here are some points that can help you Ace your A Levels. > For Mathematics : - Practice makes perfect. Do as much practice as you can. Try to solve all the exercises, questions...
  10. J

    What are the top A level's colleges in Karachi?

    I saw another post like this over here, but that is pretty out-dated, and the ranking might've changed, teachers might've changed, so I need help. Can you guys please tell me which colleges are the best for A levels rankwise?
  11. S

    Cambridge AS and A Level Book Collection

    These are all the books I could collect. I hope it helps everyone out there :'D https://goo.gl/FHY1JI
  12. jeezneesha

    Chem, phys and math tutors

    Hey guys! I really need tuitions for chem, physics and math. If you guys know any good tutors in Jeddah please let me know along with their charges Thank you!
  13. Emily DB

    Entry Requirements for applying college

    Hi! i want to apply to a university in UK and there are some requirements include A-Levels, IB Diploma. But my school didn't use !B and we dont learn anything even told about A Levels. How i should enter? or maybe how/where i could get A Levels certificates here and an alternate to fulfill the...
  14. R

    accounts,economics and maths Guide and teacher helpdesk,O/A levels only.

    HEY guys here i am, any student who need help i am here to help and guide, you can ask me about even about knowledge and social works,i am currently enrolled in accountancy corses and really enthusiastic to help my friends here, what you have to do is just post your problem...
  15. K

    Helpp Please Chemistry Paper 3 and 5

    Hi guys This is my first thread ever I'm giving a levels next summer in June and decide to give full A levels. I need some desperate advice from those who have passed their A levels and everyone else. I'm so confused I've to like prepare for my exams in a very short time do you think from now If...
  16. A*(a*)

    A levels skype classes

    Assalam-o-alikum, Iam offering online tuition for AS/A level Mathematics (9709) and AS Physics (9702) The papers are P1, P3, S1 and M1 for Mathematics and P1, P2 for Physics Although I teach chemistry as well, but for now it is not available for skype classes. As proof of authentication the...
  17. cashew

    A2 chemistry 9701 help

    http://studyguide.pk/Past%20Papers/CIE/International%20A%20And%20AS%20Level/9701%20-%20Chemistry/9701_s10_qp_42.pdf please please please help me with q3 di) I am stuck on it since hourssssss
  18. A

    outstanding learners award EGYPT, ALEXANDRIA

    Does anyone have the outstanding learners award for the june 2015 session for Egypt?? Please post urgently
  19. F

    A Level English Language 9093

    Hello, everyone. My English teacher and I have been searching for resources for 9093 for quite a while and were unable to find anything of substance. Could anyone help? Please post links to any resources you have for this syllabus code; we need Paper 3 and 4 (A2) resources.
  20. Rizwan Javed

    October/November 2015 Past Papers are finally here!

    Hello guys, I know most of the people are looking for October/November 2015 Past Papers. So here are the past papers for O, A & IGCSE Levels for some subjects. If any subject you want is missing please do inform me. :) Also inform me, if there's some paper missing. :) So here you go: A...