business studies

  1. TheStride

    Expert Guidance for O Level Business Studies, Economics & Accounting Exams

    Hi, there! Do you require expert guidance in Business Studies, Economics and/or Accounts? We are a group of graduates from leading business schools, who have been helping students score well in their exams since quite some time now. If you are struggling with any of the following subjects, hit...
  2. TheStride

    Free Online Classes for Pakistan Studies, Business Studies, Economics and English Language.

    We are offering free online classes for the following O level subjects: -Business Studies -Economics -English Language -Pakistan Studies Those who are interested, leave us a message or send us an email at [email protected]
  3. S

    Questions regarding business studies o levels - help needed!

    I wanted to ask an experienced community whether it is possible to study for 3 months Aug Sep, Oct and then give the Business Studies paper in ON18 and expect a A/A*. Or should i give business studies along with my 6 other subjects in MJ19 but I think that it will be too much of a Burden. From...
  4. I


    Pls, could someone pass me the question bank for BM, and tell me how to install it. thank you
  5. S

    igcse feb march papers

    hi could somebody send me and igcse additional maths (0606), business (0450) and computer science (0478) feb march 2017 papers?? thanks
  6. sweetmariah10

    Business Studies Videos

    Hi Everyone, I'm an Accounting and Business tutor, who has recently started a Business Studies course online for those who cannot access good tuition due to different circumstances. Please check the videos out and show me lots of love and support. Also, please leave some feedback with regards...
  7. E


    Can anyone give me some realy good business studies tips? im having trouble doing the papers and often get stuck on some questions especially in Paper 2
  8. TheKhan

    Business Studies IGCSE

    Can someone please help me on paper 2? especially the 12 mark questions! even after looking at the mark scheme i dont know how to answer them... my teachers dont even know what they are doing... i dont want any notes just want help on the exam technique. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. F

    Carrer for humanities

    Can anyone tell me what are the career options for humanities??? My subjects include a lev bs and as eng
  10. F

    Carrer for humanities

    Can anyone tell me what are the career options for humanities??? My subjects include a lev bs and as eng
  11. S

    What are the toughest IGCSE papers you have done?

    Hi all, I'm practicing past papers for the upcoming Oct/Nov IGCSE papers, I just wanted to know what are the hardest papers you've done for the following subjects: -Maths -English 1st Language -ICT -Literature -Geography -History -Biology -Physics -Chemistry -Business Studies I thank you all in...