chemistry a level

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    so i couldn't find any exam discussion room hence this thread i take bio chem and physics of variant 2 so how was the paper?
  2. M

    Chemistry Question please help

    Can somebody please help me with this Q When 0.47 g of E was completely burnt in air the heat produced raised the temperature of 200 g of water by 27.5°C assume no heat losses occurred during this experiment bi) use the relevant data from the data booklet to calculate the amount of heat released...
  3. A

    Chemistry V22 Oct Nov 2019

    Post your answers and related questions here!
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    Save My Exams classified Answers (FREE)

    Does anyone want the savemyexams classified answers for free? if so let me know
  5. amir123hamza

    AS and A2 pdfs

    does any one need george facer's AS and A2 i can upload if u guys need any and all maths active live book
  6. nerdybookworm

    AL-Chemistry 9701 in Riyadh!!?? HELP

    Hi there, I want to register myself as a private candidate for chemistry A level 9701 paper. And they have practical too for this particular subject. Do you know which schools host private candidates for their lab work? For registration I went to the british council website and I couldnt find...
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    chem paper 4

    hey guys! lets see if we can help each other out. text me your timings and all. ill do the same :)
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    Edexcel IAL As Chemistry ActiveBook

    Can anyone please drop a link for the As chemistry activebook. I really need it. Tried finding it but no luck finding. Please. Thanks in advance...:(:(:(:(
  9. B

    PDF of Calculations in AS and A Level Chemistry required

    Hey All! I have been searching for this book pdf online, and wasn't able to find it. If anyone has or can get it please send the link, I need this book. Book Details: Name: Calculations in AS/A Level Chemistry Author: Jim Clark
  10. M

    Chemistry 9701 Paper 5 Help!!!

    Can somebody give notes or tips that could be really useful for chemistry paper 5???

    CaLculations for a level chemistry ramsden pdf PAGES MISSING

    Hello everyone. I have the Calculations for a level chemistry ramsden pdf PDF version which has many pages missing like electrochemistry whole chapters pages are missing. is there anyone kind enough to scan or upload the missing pages of the book? thanks a lot!