1. N

    When are past papers usually released on this website?

    I was wondering when the 2019 M/J past papers would be released.
  2. I

    18 days till CIEs!

    Hello. I’m really worried about these cies as only 18 days are left. I’ve joined sir umar khans past paper session and I’m going to study only the past papers now. My problem is that I’ve never completely read section three and around 3/4 chapters of geo but now there is no time to do so and...
  3. S


    Okay so basically, I’ve looked through ever past paper website but I’m unable to find English inserts, all of them have been removed due to copyright issues, is there any website where I can find them? Thank you in advance!!
  4. tamoor

    Are my grades good? should I go for Fsc or Alevels?

    Today I got my cie's result my grades are 5Bs and 3 Cs I got C in english,maths and physics. are these grades good should I retake? should I go for Fsc or Alevels? Please help!!! Any
  5. Mahrukh130

    Reappearing Olevels

    Hi. Can anybody tell me if theres a deadline for reappearing olevels. Can I reappear my may/june 2016 exams again this year.
  6. Rizwan Javed

    A Level Chemistry Paper 3 Notes

    Hi all! Since there are only a few months left in CIEs so it would be worth sharing some notes for Chemistry P3. ----- Titration: Burette can be started from any point. The first titre must be from about 26 cm3 because we don't know how much volume will be needed. but rest of them can be...