1. Musa_Jutt

    10th Class Result 2018 Matric Search Online By Name

    Hello folks, i think i am on right place where i can share very imoratant educational accouncement with your guys, many people would know what i am going to share here in my thread, Recently Punjab and other provinces reday to or have been anncounced their SSC (Secondary School Certificate) Part...
  2. studyingrobot457

    Cambridge IGCSE ICT practicals discussion

    Hey folks, few days left to practicals, how are you guys preparing, everything is fine??
  3. studyingrobot457

    [100 DAY COUNTDOWN] 2018 may/june IGCSE/O-level exams discussion [OFFICIAL]

    Hi pals! it is now almost 100 days left till the start of exams, so lets utilise this thread for discussion about the exams, but before that, list down the subjects you are taking, and please don't leave this thread to die, we will need it in april and may (y) My subjects: IGCSE...
  4. S


    This is my first time giving English so I don't have an idea about certain things. I would really appreciate your help! Can you please tell how and when will we receive English 0510 speaking dates? I am aware of the range of the dates in which it may occur but I'm unaware of the accurate date of...
  5. studyingrobot457

    OCT/NOV 2017 :discussion and doubts [Official thread]

    I am not doing IGCSE in oct/nov, but I am making this thread for discussion doubts predicted questions and after exam discussion feel free to post your queries and feelings here Peace
  6. studyingrobot457

    Thought on IGCSE chemistry june paper 4

    Just want to have an idea about the exam, feel free to comment
  7. Arman12345

    Paper 6 - Alternative to Practical Physics 2017

    Hello everybody! I hope you're having a wonderful day so far and that you're preparing with ease for your exams. I was hoping if someone could help me with the Alternative to Practical paper for the IGCSE which is coming up very soon. Are there any notes or summaries for this particular paper...
  8. S


    I am a 3 years and four months old member who really enjoyed all the ups and downs of this site , starting from the old xpc version that I can't even remember how I used to use it at that time xD till now . Members like me and older consider this site a lifestyle , I mean we're not here cuz we...
  9. Ch.Walid

    Edexcel A Levels Resource centre

    As salam mu alikum, This is Walid. Well, I have completed my A Levels with Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Here are some points that can help you Ace your A Levels. > For Mathematics : - Practice makes perfect. Do as much practice as you can. Try to solve all the exercises, questions...
  10. H

    O'Level Examinations (Answer Needed Immediately)

    Hi Everyone! As we all know that we can give the exams of Urdu,Islamiat and Pakistan Studies at the end of the 2nd year of O'level. My question is that 1. if we are not satisfied with our grades in these papers , can we give them again in the third year with the remaining subjects? 2. Suppose...
  11. E


    Can anyone give me some realy good business studies tips? im having trouble doing the papers and often get stuck on some questions especially in Paper 2
  12. hamaad khan orakzai

    CIE is changing grading criteria

    Cambridge international Examination will be changing its grading criteria from 2017. How does the numerical system work? We currently have eight grades and when the new grading is introduced we will have nine, with grade 9 bring the best available grade. How will the new system correlate to the...
  13. hamaad khan orakzai

    Urdu Help Required

    Guys, how to get an A* in urdu, and how shall i improve my urdu as i have much grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. Help would be much appreciated. !!!!! (URDU B)
  14. hamaad khan orakzai

    Pak studies help

    Does anybody have notes of Junaid Akhtar for Pak studies, if yes, Please attach it, would really appreciate