1. N

    AQA pastpaper collector here, i need help with some info.

    I couldn't find any AQA forums so i am just gonna post it here, sorry for that. i am gonna gather all the past papers of all the specifications and put it up on google drive, but i am facing problems with understanding the specifications and tiers and sub-tiers each subject has, which is vastly...
  2. H

    Does anybody have topic-wise O’level papers

    i need topic wise o’level papers please..... Physics p1 p2 p4 Biology p1 p2 p6 Chemistry p1 p2 p4 Maths p2 p4 IF ANYBODY HAS THESE PAPERS IM LOOKING FOR PLEASE DONT IGNORE I NEED TOPIC-WISE PAPERS ONLY....THANK YOU
  3. F

    Expected Topics for PST and Islamiyat?

    My teacher expects that either a question from Abubakr(Ra) caliphate will come or a combined Q of all 4 caliphs will come. In PST teacher said that sec 3 is the most important. Pak-China relations,Afghan-Pak and Indo-Pak are expected. That’s all I know please contribute. Thank you
  4. Wâlèé Atèéq

    CIE May/June 2018..

    Hey Pals, pop up who'll be appearing this summer in Cies..? I'm giving As this may.. in Karachi. any commons ?
  5. M

    GCSE Physics PDF by Tom Duncan (4th Edition)

    hi, sorry if im breaking any rules or smth im just in desperate need of a gcse physics pdf as the actual text book is far out of my price range atm lol would be much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction or kindly lend me a pdf copy of the specified text book many thanks
  6. sweetmariah10

    Business Studies Videos

    Hi Everyone, I'm an Accounting and Business tutor, who has recently started a Business Studies course online for those who cannot access good tuition due to different circumstances. Please check the videos out and show me lots of love and support. Also, please leave some feedback with regards...
  7. M

    Chemistry GCSE Revision Website

    Hi everyone, I recently launched a chemistry revision website called http://chemrevision.com I decided to make it after revising for my GCSEs and becoming frustrated at the lack of quality free revision resources. The site is as concise as possible while still providing enough detail to get an...
  8. 56LeoMess

    Edexcel January 2016 Papers and Mark Schemes

    Edexcel (IAL, A-Levels, IGCSE and GCSE) Past Papers and Mark Schemes are available on this blog. Link: http://56leomessiphotoshop.blogspot.com/ Note: Mark Schemes and Examiner Reports will be uploaded once they are available so kindly refrain from making requests for them.

    Discuss CIE October November 2015 Here

    Hello all! Who else is one o'those who's appearing atm for the Oct-Nov 2015 papers? What are your subjects? My subjects are: English (0500) ICT (0417) Mathematics (0580) Chemistry (0620) Physics (0625) Biology (0610) Business Studies (0450) What am I gonna do? I have no idea..........either ;)