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  2. N

    When are past papers usually released on this website?

    I was wondering when the 2019 M/J past papers would be released.
  3. Muhammad Fasih Sher

    Please help me with Urdu Syllabus B

    Can anybody tell me how to attempt Report, Speech, Letter and Dialogue? Also do attach some solved examples pls!
  4. S

    Questions regarding business studies o levels - help needed!

    I wanted to ask an experienced community whether it is possible to study for 3 months Aug Sep, Oct and then give the Business Studies paper in ON18 and expect a A/A*. Or should i give business studies along with my 6 other subjects in MJ19 but I think that it will be too much of a Burden. From...
  5. S

    Uegent help required for Modern world affairs!

    Hey there! I am to appear in May/June for my CIEs, this year. I am studying world history as a private candidate without the help of a teacher. I wanted to get some precious insight regarding how to solve the paper, little tips/tricks and what/how much to write in which part of the paper (A...
  6. ibrahimfire1009

    Pakistan Studies and Islamiat , M/J session 2018.

    Assalam-u-alaikum first of all. I am appearing in MJ session 2018 for PS and Islamiat. 3 months approx are left. I havent studied anything. When I open the book, I close it feeling bored. What can I do for studying PS and Islamiat without getting bored? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. W

    A* Guaranteed in Chemsitry 5070 - O levels

    Instead of going for expensive tuitions which cost soo much and are also very time consuming and hectic. Buy the Chemisty Notes of Imran Merchant and use the reference books of the syllabus, study with concentration and your A* is Guaranteed. Buy my handwritten Imran Merchants Notes including...
  8. R

    O1 Syllabus? Mathematics

    Could someone help me out. I'm about to start teaching tuitions for O-levels, and I would appreciate it if someone could tell me the syllabus of whats done generally in O1 in school, preferably the city school for the subject of Maths?
  9. MurtazaT.

    Islamiat Standards Booklet [HELP]

    Can someone please upload the Candidate Response Booklet for O Level Islamiyat? I have the Pakistan Studies and Urdu Standards Booklets but I can't find one for Islamiat. If someone could post it here, I'd be very thankful.
  10. hamaad khan orakzai

    Urdu Help Required

    Guys, how to get an A* in urdu, and how shall i improve my urdu as i have much grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. Help would be much appreciated. !!!!! (URDU B)
  11. hamaad khan orakzai

    Junaid Akhtar Pak studies Notes

    JUNAID AKHTAR PAK STUDIES NOTES After searching for hours and hours, finally found them. Thought to upload them, and share with you guys. All i want is prayers, Pray for me to get straight A*, in my exams. Insha Allah :) Enjoy!!! P.S: Moderators please delete my other threads,titled as...
  12. hamaad khan orakzai

    Pak studies help

    Does anybody have notes of Junaid Akhtar for Pak studies, if yes, Please attach it, would really appreciate
  13. hamaad khan orakzai

    Pak studies help

    does anybody have notes of Junaid Akhtar for Pak studies? if yes, please attach them. would much appreciate :)
  14. Rizwan Javed

    October/November 2015 Past Papers are finally here!

    Hello guys, I know most of the people are looking for October/November 2015 Past Papers. So here are the past papers for O, A & IGCSE Levels for some subjects. If any subject you want is missing please do inform me. :) Also inform me, if there's some paper missing. :) So here you go: A...
  15. F

    Are these grades alright for universities like LUMS?

    Hello :) I got 5A*s (one distinction), 2 As and a B in my IGCSEs, and AAAB in my AS exams. I'm giving my SAT I in October. I've heard that they accept people with 1800+ but one should aim for 2000+, is that correct? Also, when should I begin writing my personal statement and obtaining teacher...
  16. Rizwan Javed

    CIE May/June 2015 Papers + MarkSchemes + GTs + examiner reports are finally here :)

    Okay guys, the wait is finally over. The CIE MJ 2015 papers are finally here :D Most of the papers have been uploaded. The rest will be uploaded soon! EDIT: IGCSE papers have also been added :) A Levels: Accounting (9706) Applied Information and Communication Technology (9713) Biology (9700)...