1. A

    Help!!..i am going to give Olevel sociology

    Hi people....i am gonna have to give the paper now....have not studied it before.... i have 5 other subjects eng, math, bio, physics, chemistry. what can i do to complete the syllabus in time and get an A*. i really need help i am panicked. please help me out here.:sick:
  2. SirAslan

    I need explanation on AS level ''components''

    Ex: Chemistry -12 Multiple choice 12 22 AS Level Structured Questions 22 34 Advanced Practical Skills 34 Question A- I have a friend..Who lives in bangalore...who's writing the same AS level exams...Will he get the same components' like...
  3. K

    I need papers to do

    I would like to know the hardest papers you guys have done in any subject (Maths,Chemistry,Biology,Physics and even ICT),in either IGCSE or GCE OL. I want to find the hardest papers and/or questions in any of these platforms....and soon please as i have the exams coming up very soon.individual...
  4. Shin lol

    Does anyone have the Feb /March 2017 papers?

    Hey, if anyone has the feb/march 2017 papers which hasn't released yet will be very helpful and i'm looking for a level Math , Physics , Aict and both as and a level chemistry 2017 paper. If you got them post it here it might be useful to everyone. Thanks
  5. Rizwan Javed

    CIE 2016 May/June A Level Question Papers + Marking Schemes + Grade Thresholds are here =D

    If any paper is missing please comment below. Accounting (9706) Applied Information and Communication Technology (9713) Biology (9700) Business (for first examination in 2016) (9609) Business Studies (9707) Chemistry (9701) Computer Science (9608) Computing (9691) Economics (9708)...
  6. Sean Tan

    Sharing my CIE A2 Paper 4 Biology Topical Past Years 2002-2015 Summer and Winter

    Hi everyone. This is something which I've prepared and have helped many students, and they actually liked reading these instead of doing the past years. That's because the syllabus has changed, and not many knew which syllabus has been removed. Also it is time consuming, and many preferred to...
  7. DumbIdiot

    OCR MEI June/May C1, C2, S1 Papers NEEDED!?

    Hey has anyone got the OCR MEI June/May C1,C2 and S1 Papers for June 2015. I can't find them anywhere online. Much appreciated :)
  8. A

    Physics (IGCSE) exam not understanding question and how to study.

    Hi, I have a Physics textbook, it is fairly simple. I can easily answer all it's question without too much difficulty and basically understand the concept. The moment I sit for an exam or attempt past papers I am unable to solve multiple questions. I can do around 75% of the paper but then...