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  1. Rucksikaa.R

    Does anyone have Edexcel IAL October 2016 papst papers and mark scheme?

    I am sitting for my first year of A-levels in the May/June 2017 session and I'm a private candidate.
  2. I


    Hi guys it's me ibking and I have a lot of ib resources. I have opened up a couple of threads but people have only asked me for resources and only a few actually gave me useful documents. So now I made this thread for anyone who is willing to !EXCHANGE! ib materials like past papers(I have a lot...
  3. I


    If anybody wants math question banks or ANY(even Computer science and music) 2013 past papers please put your e-mail down or e-mail me ( [email protected] ) I have all the past paper questions for 2013 except for some B languages (I only have english and Latin for B) (I also have some...
  4. I

    Ib past paper trade(math,science,eng,econ,ger)if you don't have any I am happy to give away for free

    Hello, could you please send me all the past papers and question banks you have for these subjects: I have some past papers and question banks for each of the subjects (mostly bio, chem and a lot of math but just one for german B) if anybody needs them MATH HL BIO HL CHEM HL GERMAN B Hl...
  5. B

    2015 June Edexcel IAL Biology

    IAL Biology Edexcel June 2015 Past Papers (all units) Link