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Hi guys it's me ibking and I have a lot of ib resources. I have opened up a couple of threads but people have only asked me for resources and only a few actually gave me useful documents. So now I made this thread for anyone who is willing to !EXCHANGE! ib materials like past papers(I have a lot of these). If anyone is interested in past papers, question banks or other things please send me an e-mail with all resources you have in my subjects and with your list of resources you wish to gain.

My subjects are:
Math HL
Bio HL
Chem HL
German B HL
Econ SL
English lang and lit SL

I will only exchange and not share stuff before I got other stuff beforehand

I have all past papers for the years 1999,2000,08,09,13,14,15
Some other IB past papers for some other years
I have the 2015 QB
Subject divided PPQs in math, bio and chem

Please let me know if you need anything from the list but first send me your resources first so I can make sure that I actually get something.

Please understand me guys, I have wasted a lot of time and money getting those resources and not getting anything out of it is kind of unfair for me especially if people promise to give me their resources after I send them mine and after I send them I never hear a word from them again. That is why now I need the resources beforehand.

You can contact me on
[email protected]