private candidate

  1. J

    Private Candidate

    Hey guys. So I was hoping to take A level exams for Physics and Mathematics(Basic)? Is that possible to privately register for that exam? Also, can somebody explain it to me how many papers would I be appearing. I cant seem to understand the pattern for that. I checked out some past papers and...
  2. escapist

    Prospective Alevels OCT/NOV 2017 candidates contact

    I am a prospective candidate for A levels OCT/NOV 2017 session I need help regarding subject selection and preparation since I will be preparing from scratch I will be resuming after a gap year and will be focusing on self-study Zero Coaching hence please help select from the following subjects...
  3. Amaan123456

    Is there anyone here from Rwp/Isl who is taking Cambridge Igcse exams as a private candidate?

    I am taking these exams for the first time as a private candidate, I am not much familiar with the exam curriculum because i have never been to any Cambridge school. So, I was wondering that if there is someone here on the same boat as me or someone who is from Rawalpindi or Islamabad and is...
  4. Adeelissoscrewed

    Centre for practicals for private canditates in karachi

    Hey, i am planning to appear for Alevel practicals for physics chemistry and biology in May/June 2017. I cant find any centers that could host practicals for private candidates in Karachi. If someone is aware of any such centers, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.
  5. anushaleo

    A levels Private Candidate

    Hey guys, hope everyone's doing well. So i'm giving my As privately this May/June 2016 in subjects of Bio, Chem and Phys. I've literally heard everything there is about how privately doing A levels is a bad decision. Stuff about how CIE management doesn't grade private students equally, is lax...