1. Bittersweet Queen

    A level Coursebook Suggestions

    Can someone suggest A levels Psychology. sociology, English and media arts coursebooks? Also if anyone has any ideas for online tuition on these subjects. Thank you!
  2. N

    AS and A-Level Psychology

    I am looking for the pdf of CIE As and A-Levels Psychology Coursebookbook. If someone has it could you please send it to me or upload it.
  3. P

    A Level guess papers M/J 2018

    Hey guys this is my first post. Post any guess papers/expected questions here. :)
  4. P

    Psychology new syllabus

    Can somebody help me out with the new syllabus of psychology? I am Unable to do the questions of P2 (abnormality and organisation).
  5. N

    Any Girl for A level Psychology - M/J 2016 ???

    ASA , is there any girl out there taking A level psychology for May june 2016 ???
  6. I

    How to get A* and A's in your A-Levels

    Hey guys, I've uploaded my full proof plan on how I achieved my A-Levels and what distinguishes you as an A* student in the exam on My A-levels were Sociology, Psychology, English Language, Biology and Law. Let me know if you guys want me to write on how...
  7. H

    Psychology 9698 AS Level Guys help! I have only two months to study and have no tutor!

    Hi, Okay so I have to give psychology exam this may and I would to know some tips and suggestions about the subject. I'm studying on my own, I have no teacher. So could please help me by suggesting notes tips which may help in exam or while studying.
  8. N

    Can i get an A/A* in psychology A level CIE

    asa , Im hearing that psychology is a subject that one cannot easily get an A/A* grade in . Is this true ? Plus im planning to do it privately . Is this even a worse idea ? Ive also heard socio and psychology have some connection ? Do they and what ? Ive got a good grade in socio a level...