1. A


    hello, can anyone here help me with a bit of this mess? I have been looking up about the law universities in Karachi, and absolutely no uni other than SZABIST has bothered to give the admission dates and deadlines stuff, does anybody here know about this? thanks a lot
  2. Ch.Walid

    Universities in Pakistan

    Hi, there everybody. I would like to know that which universities in Pakistan Accept SAT Subject test?
  3. F

    SAT I results

    The SAT results are in one day! What are your expected scores?
  4. F

    Are these grades alright for universities like LUMS?

    Hello :) I got 5A*s (one distinction), 2 As and a B in my IGCSEs, and AAAB in my AS exams. I'm giving my SAT I in October. I've heard that they accept people with 1800+ but one should aim for 2000+, is that correct? Also, when should I begin writing my personal statement and obtaining teacher...